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What we do

We are the team building AI and super-fast data storage to create bran-new trading technology and experiences, which would be almost impossible without world-level technology.


We have two consumer-facing products called AlpacaAlgo and AlpacaScan and apply the same core technology of machine learning to provide to several big financial institutions.

Why we do

アルパカは"be a human being."を目指し、ヒトがヒトらしく生きることを目指します。


Alpaca's mantra is "be a human being." We pursue to live as a human being.

The money problem is hard. We face and solve this hard problem by using our AI and Big Data technology. Through these technologies, we wish more and more people can tackle the problem everyone has.

Financial trading sector is a very competitive world. Every one of the team in the world is trying to be the best everyday. To beat the market, we are excited to get together as the strongest technology team from both Japan and Silicon Vally.

How we do

アルパカの働く環境は、最も先進的なものの一つです。Github/Pivotal Tracker/Slack/Zoomなど、スムーズに東京とシリコンバレーのチームがコラボレーションできるように可能な限り最新のサービス、技術を使用しています。アルパカは我々は、世界中の才能を歓迎します!


Alpaca's working environment is one of the most advanced ones. We use the latest technology to work as smoothly as possible even the team is across the ocean.

Alpaca is also a global company and the culture and technology is at global standard. We welcome any top level technologist from anywhere in the world.

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About Us

アルパカは "be a human being"をテーマに、「人が人らしく生きる」ことを追求したいと考えています。アルパカは生きるための大きな制約であるお金の問題に最新のAIテクノロジーを駆使して真正面から挑みます。

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